Flexibility and 100% Commitment are our greatest assets…

Exhibition Retailing and Management

Every week of the year we are present for our clients in a major exhibition venue across the UK.

We facilitate all aspects of the brief, including liaising and negotiating floor plan position and logistics, stand design, build and breakdown, management, staffing and the selling process.

Our focus is to acquire quality, educated and briefed customers that meet your brand criteria and demographic.


Activities that invite participation and inspire customer engagement and commitment.

Being social and communicating everything that’s brilliant about your brand and product to the consumer.

Brand, Sales and Consumer Behaviour Consultancy

We have experienced most situations in over 2 decades of EMEA marketing on behalf of some of the world’s largest consumer brands.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, direction or simply need results quickly, then we can help.

Physical Retail

Activities that drive shopper engagement, change behaviour and increase sales.

Our experience ensures first time success and cost savings to our clients.

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