Connecting Brands with Customers

We enable brands to engage, be smart and social in a multi-channel world by changing and influencing customer behaviour in every city in the UK

Our Approach

Inspiring consumers to make educated buying choices.

Technological transformations and changing expectations have inspired us to be different and give our brands a live platform to connect with new customers.

Our business is to transform and build brand equity whilst getting RESULTS.

A Sample of Our Work

Commenced : 2006
Duration: 10 years

Brief: As the World’s largest Hotel Group with diverse five-star quality resorts with amenities such as golf, spas and fine dining, FMS was chosen as an exclusive UK agency partner to provide prospects to their European Resorts to enjoy a Marriott Holiday Preview.

In excess of 25,000 customers were acquired through targeted promotional stands and exhibitions throughout the UK and Ireland delivering in excess of €30m in ownership sales directly attributable to the campaign.

Commenced: 2008
Duration: To date on-going

Brief: Founded in 1984 CLC World Resorts and Hotels is Europe’s largest independent resort operator, building a dynamic and diverse collection of international resorts and hotels.

Over 20,000 prospects to their European Resorts and in excess of 18,000 appointments generated for the UK Travel Centres in London, Manchester, Milton Keynes and the Cotswolds. In 2019 annualised targets are to exceed 7000 new appointments.

Commenced: 2013
Duration: To date on-going

Brief: Generating qualified prospects for the award winning Azure, Golden Sands Malta. Azure is responsible for the Sales and Marketing at the five star Radisson Blu Resort.

In excess of 3000 customers with an annualised target of 700 + vists at the resort.

Commenced: 2017
Duration: To date on-going

Brief: As the No.1 Alarm System in Europe with more than 3 million customers, Verisure chose FMS as the UK agency that could deliver new customers to them on a large scale via UK Exhibitions and Mall promotions. Venues such as the Ideal Home Show, Grand Designs Live, Homebuild and Renovating expos are just a few of the targeted sites that we have promoted within.

Verisure’s largest UK agency generating hundreds of new customer accounts per annum.

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